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Customer Service

MedAssure is passionate about providing unparalleled customer service! Learn more…

At MedAssure, we know that clients don’t just want a service to safely remove and process their Regulated Medical Waste; they want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our customer support team will always be there for them. It’s something our outstanding team of customer service representatives strive to fulfill, every day.


Our clients know their call will be answered by a person – not a machine, and that messages left after-hours will receive a response within 24 hours.


The nice thing about dealing with real people is that you’ll get straightforward and clearly understandable answers to your questions.


MedAssure offers customized service plan for your convenience. Also, we understand that unexpected emergencies can happen. We do our best to accommodate special unscheduled pick-up requests.

Service Made Simple

MedAssure makes it easy to order service: you can call, fax, email, or use the Customer Portal on our website.

We’ll Keep You Informed

MedAssure’s free monthly newsletters provide informative updates on issues affecting our clients.