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MedAssure Customers Save Up To 40% On Medical Waste

With our full service treatment center we are able to keep our costs down and not rely on outside contractors. We share this savings with you and ultimately lower your medical waste costs.

MedAssure customers pay at least 15% -40% less for treatment of regulated waste! Here’s why:

  • Other companies insist on a flat rate regardless of your actual usage. At MedAssure, we charge fairly and sensibly: your price is based on the quantity of regulated medical waste that we process for you, not a penny more.
  • National companies also charge exorbitant fees for one size fits all compliance assurance, suggesting that every client is vulnerable to fines and citations without this ‘additional service.’ At MedAssure, we provide regulatory compliance consulting to address each customer’s specific needs, at a fraction of the cost.
  • MedAssure Clients of large companies are often surprised to find hidden fees or vague, undefined service charges on their statements. At MedAssure, we’ll provide you with one straightforward easy-to-understand quote, and that’s the price you’ll pay.
  • MedAssure provides the same level of expertise and professional service as the giant national companies without the colossal overhead costs. We pass these savings on to you, our customers.