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Who’s REALLY Servicing Your Facility’s Medical Waste? You’ll Be Surprised To Find Out

Did you know that many healthcare facilities make use of regulated medical waste disposal services that cannot necessarily be trusted to maintain the high quality of service needed to deliver maximum safety?

Unbeknownst to hospitals and other facilities, these “medical waste disposal” companies will actually outsource most, if not all, of the work associated with the disposal job.

This means you can never be precisely sure who will be fulfilling the pick-ups and treatment, and in addition, you are probably overpaying to surgical wastecover the costs of the middle-man.

This can potentially lead to oversights or other problems that your own organization might be held accountable for down the line.

Why should you take on that level of risk?

Rest Assured With Medassure

MedAssure uses a completely different business model. We handle the entire process, from the initial collection of the medical waste all the way through to the final disposal in one of our own treatment facilities.

Because we maintain a complete in-house workforce, you can rest assured that every step is taken according to the highest standards of the industry and you are receiving significant savings in costs compared to other companies.

Medical waste represents a significant health hazard and improper disposal can result in massive liability.

Contact MedAssure today if you want to be assured that all of your medical waste has been taken care of appropriately.