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Top Ways Businesses Save Money When They Go Green

Every business, including medical practices and healthcare facilities, should ultimately be investing in the quest to go green. The reason isn’t just that they’ll reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint. It’s also financial. Going green, including as a medical practice, is going to save money and in some instances even help you earn more money.

Unfortunately, there are still quite a few companies and medical offices and facilities that aren’t really making the effort to be more eco-friendly, and they’re missing out on savings opportunities as a result.

Below are some ways going green, particularly as a medical office, can save or make you money.

Less Money Spent on Supplies

As a medical practice, think about all the money that’s spent on paper products, printing cartridges, and other basic office supplies. The costs can add up incredibly quickly, but one solution to become greener and eliminate these unnecessary costs is to move to electronic records management as much as is possible.

This has the added benefit of not only reducing your consumption and saving money, but it can also tend to be a more accurate way to manage patient information.

Avoiding Fines

In some instances, if you’re not doing your part to dispose of your medical waste properly and follow OSHA regulations, you may face fines.

If you partner with a company like MedAssure, then you have the benefit of not only reducing your costs by at least 15%, but you’re also receiving OSHA training services and your waste management plan will exceed regulatory standards. This is good for the environment and can save your medical practice money in a number of ways.

Lower Utility Costs

For many businesses and healthcare offices, particularly larger ones, one of the most significant monthly costs they incur comes in the form of their energy bill. There are easy ways you can make changes in this area, from changing the type of lightbulbs you use, to keeping lights off in exam rooms that are unused.

In some parts of the U.S., businesses can even contact their utility provider and purchase green power derived from renewable sources. To find ways your business can lower energy consumption, to an audit, and you’re likely to discover that even small things like sealing cracks can save big money.

Tax Credits

No business owner enjoys paying taxes, and while they’re unavoidable, they can be lowered if you participate in certain eco-friendly programs or make outlined changes to your business. Do your research and find out what may be available to you.

Attracting New Patients and Clients

As a final note, we mentioned at the start of this post the fact that going green can not only help you save money but can even help you make money. If you’re a business, including a medical practice, you can use your dedication to being more eco-friendly as part of your marketing.

It can be an excellent way to attract new patients and show them you do things differently than your competitors.