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4 Things To Know About Mail-Back Sharps Services

When you’re a business or healthcare organization, and you’re charged with dealing with any type of sharps medical waste, it can be a challenge to determine which course of action is best for you. You want a system that’s not only efficient in terms of time, but is also low-cost and yet will still provide you with the services you need.

It’s not only important that you consider how you’ll dispose of sharps from the perspective of your business or facility, but also that you constantly keep regulations in mind.

One of the number one ways many organizations deal with sharps is through a mail-back program, but what should you know? How do you know if this approach is right for your needs and the regulatory environment surrounding your organization?

Below are some things to know when you’re considering a mail-back service for handling your sharps.

Sharps Services

Where Are You Located?
One of the key considerations to keep in mind if you’re trying to decide between a mail-back program and some other method of sharps disposal is your location. Are you located somewhere that’s rural?

If so, medical waste management and disposal companies might not serve your area, or it might be incredibly expensive.

In this case, a mail-back program can be ideal because you’re going to be saving money while remaining compliant.

An advantage of using a mail-back program can come into play if your organization or medical facility has a limited number of staff, or you simply don’t have the resources available to dedicated to training staff on more complex means of disposing of sharps.

With a mail-back program, you receive everything you need in one kit that’s designed to be safe and compliant, and all employees need to do is put the designated container into the package, fill out a basic form and it’s ready to be put in the mail.

For the most part, you don’t have to train your staff on the use of these programs because one like Sharps Assure is designed to compliant at all levels, which includes Federal and State, as well as with the United States Post Office.


Non-Medical Facilities
Just because you’re not a healthcare-based business doesn’t mean you may not require a sharps program.

Many larger companies and corporations are implementing sharps disposal programs, designed to help employees with diabetes and other health concerns that could require the use of needles.

In this instance, a mail-back program would be an ideal option because there would likely be no other medical waste produced by these businesses so that a larger disposal program wouldn’t be needed.

Home Use
If you’re neither a business or healthcare organization, and you use sharps in your home, you can also use a mail-back program. You’re obviously not going to arrange for full-scale medical waste pickup, but having these programs in place at your home will make sure your family remains safe, as well as the environment.

This is a simple, nearly effortless way to deal with sharps.