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Proper Medical Waste Disposal Is More Important Now Than Ever

Because of recent public health crises gripping the U.S., it’s more vital now than ever to make sure that you have a trusted business partner who can properly deal with all medical waste.

Only a few months ago, shock-waves were sent through the medical world as professionals in healthcare and the public alike came to realize that there were so few facilities that were fully prepared to deal with the possibility of an Ebola outbreak.

Now, with Ebola behind us, the country is already dealing with a significant new issue.

Although Ebola is dangerous and highly contagious, measles has often been described as the most contagious disease of which medical science is aware and can pose an especially serious risk to babies and younger children. Millions more Americans may be at risk of measles today than just twenty years ago.

Not only is there a larger population of un-vaccinated and imuno-compromised individuals now than there was in the past, but grown adults who were initially vaccinated may not realize they need to update their MMR vaccination.

In a climate like this, it’s extremely important that all facilities handling medical waste work harder than ever to reduce the potential danger of that waste and contribute to maintaining the public’s health, safety, calm, and goodwill.