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6 Tips Doctors and Medical Practices Can Use to Improve Patient Loyalty

For most medical practices, customer satisfaction is key to overall success. This is because health care is becoming more like other consumer-driven industries, and satisfaction is an essential component of patient loyalty. Doctors and medical facilities may not have huge budgets, and they may already find their resources are stretched thin, so how do they remain competitive and profitable with loyal patients?

The following are six simple and inexpensive tips that can be followed to give patient satisfaction a boost, which will in turn likely lead to improvements in patient loyalty.

Create a Brand

The idea of cultivating a brand for a medical practice or doctor’s office can seem unusual, but when you think of the patient as a consumer, it makes perfect sense. You want your practice to be known for certain characteristics, just like any other business. Develop a brand message and identity and then work to craft your business around that identity.

Build Relationships

When doctors and everyone in their practices become busy, it can be difficult to create personal relationships with patients, but it’s such a valuable part of improving loyalty. Work to get to know the names of patients without checking a chart and let them get to know you as well. Train your office and nursing staff on creating personalization for patients as well.

Let Patients Know What To Expect

A big problem many patients have with their healthcare providers is a sense of uncertainty or the feeling they don’t know what to expect. Care providers tend to cruise over the details of a treatment plan or explaining a condition because they assume the patient understands. Patients usually don’t, and they want to have it clearly explained to them what the issue is, and what the plan is, as well as specifically what the next steps are.

Create A Newsletter

A newsletter can be invaluable for doctors and medical practices to use as a tool to raise patient loyalty rates. A newsletter gives you time to put a more human face to your practice in a way that may not be possible on a day-to-day basis when schedules are tight and workloads are packed. A newsletter can highlight any changes happening in the practice, give patients various tips and tricks, and let them get to know more about the doctors and other professionals working in the office. It’s also a good way to update patients on any changes or expectations they may need to expect or adhere to.

Create Written Summaries

Visiting a doctor can be overwhelming for many patients, and they may find it’s hard to focus on what’s being said during their appointment. Doctors can help patients with this and improve loyalty in the process by offering visit summaries, as well as instructions and informational packets. This is a comforting thing for patients to receive, so they don’t feel like they missed something essential, and it’s also useful for building your brand and overall satisfaction.

Maintain Social Media Accounts

Creating a social media presence is just as important for medical practices as any other business. Social media channels are often where people first go to receive information. If you do launch profiles for your practice,  make sure they’re maintained, and patient requests and comments are addressed promptly.

These six tips cost little to no money, but can still go a long way in making your patients feel connected, informed and appreciated, which is ultimately going to help ensure they remain long-time dedicated members of your practice.