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Importance of Being OSHA Compliant

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Do Facilities Know The Importance of Being OSHA Compliant 

First: Lets discuss what is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety Health Administration. It assures safe and healthful working conditions by setting and
enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance. This organization is the government watch dog to affirm that all facilities are safe and suitable for workers of all types. This includes nursing homes, hospitals, correction facilities, construction sites and other work place environments.

Second: So what happens if an event occurs in my facility?

Well, it depends on the type of the event and the public attention it receives. Last month after an accident at The Ohio State Fair, Cal/OSHA prompted the closing down of all Fire Ball rides across the United States. It wasn’t until August 1, 2017 that Cal/OSHA approved the re-opening of the Fire Ball.

But that’s not what you should be worried about. Opening and closing of rides is one thing but being slapped with a fine of $324,000 could be catastrophic to your practice. On November 22, 2017, OSHA fined the USPS Brooklyn Postal Service $324,059 for improperly handling workers’ exposure to bloodborne pathogens and hazardous materials. “Exposure to bloodborne pathogen hazards can result in serious or life-threatening illnesses,” Nadira Janack, director at OSHA’s Brooklyn area office. There is no safety zone when not being in compliance in the Occupational Safety Health Administration.

Third: What’s the chances that OSHA is going to inspect a small physicians office? 

Take a look at the pie chart and figure out how many employees are in your facility. It appears that the smaller your physician practice the higher the chance for getting an OSHA inspection. Government officials understand the dynamics of bigger organizations and know that they keep tabs on compliance. However local doctor offices maybe flanked or  unaware of what the law is and don’t always anticipate an inspection. Especially during a busy flu season who is committed to making sure all electronic data is secured. HIPAA violations are on the rise and you may want to reach out to your local IT guy to make sure your systems secured.

Size of Facility Chance of Inspection
1 – 9 32%
10 – 19 27%
20 – 29 27%
50 – 99 3%
100 – 249 3%
249+ 8%

MedAssure is not just about getting a medical waste pickup. It offers a complete OSHA Compliance Suite which is all online. Therefore your employees can learn on their schedule not taking up time when on call. In addition, your facility will be confident and ready when an inspection arises. Get OSHA Compliant Today.