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Hepatitis And Medical Waste Services

When we discuss the value of the men and women working in medical waste services we do not always acknowledge the actual risks being taken by these folks. To underline the bravery and excellent work being done by these people a recent study has shown how prevalent hepatitis B and C were among these medical waste handlers. As it turns out the risk of being exposed to these viruses is incredibly high for these workers.

Medical Waste Garbage man

Unlike many diseases which are not easily transmitted through some simple splashes of bodily fluids, hepatitis is very easily transmitted in this way. Knowing that the workers, who are trying incredibly hard to stay safe from the hazardous material they are handling, are susceptible to these diseases makes you think even more highly of the work that they are doing. If well-trained folks versed in the safe disposal of medical waste are at risk imagine how rampant these things would spread without them.

Of course knowing that there is an increasing risk of exposure to these things means that medical waste service providers like Med Assure will now be looking closely at ways to reduce the risk while still offering the same vital services we expect from them. When research like this is done, everyone wins.

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