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Drinking Water And Regulated Medical Waste

One of the greatest fears and the main reasons we take medical waste management so seriously is fear that some stray medical waste might find it’s way into our drinking water. This might seem like the sort of fodder for scary disaster movies like Contagion but it is a truly real possibility. Many of our cities and towns get their water from local reservoirs and water supplies that are not heavily guarded. As a result the frequency that businesses looking to cut corners dump their waste in these areas is great.

This is already a filthy concern when it comes to general waste. As far as regulated medical waste the fear becomes much more pronounced as specific bacteria and germs that can be found on disposed gauze, blood bags and syringes can infiltrate our bodies without us even knowing it. This should not make you spit out that freshly poured glass of water but it should make you aware of your local areas water source and what the standards are for medical waste management.

Being aware of the rules and regulations for your particular home can help keep companies honest and help keep everyone safe. We sometimes have to remind the powers that be that we’re paying attention.

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